Simplify Your Life with Technology

You don’t have to be an early adopter of technology to know that it’s ever-evolving, and it often has practical applications. Whether it’s going wireless or converting memories to digital, technology can help you!

Digital Memories: Remember the days of film canisters, negatives, and stacks of photos that you developed but that didn’t make the cut for frames or albums? Those days are past thanks to digital photos and video. Our partners at Forever can store your treasured family photos and videos; they can also scan photos and convert audio and video to digital, making all of your media organized and available to you with a few keystrokes.

Go Wireless: Nobody like a tangle of cords, and thankfully, we can avoid those tangles with wireless items. Wireless phone chargers, speakers, and headphones are becoming more commonplace and really help keep your living spaces looking uncluttered.

Stay Clean: Housekeeping can become a dreaded chore if you have inefficient tools. Today, there are vacuum cleaners for every situation (pets, hard surfaces, carpeting) and robots such as the Roomba that do the work for you!

Mobile Controls: Your phone can be a command center for everything from home security to your thermostat to starting, locking/unlocking, and locating your car.

Apps: Whatever your day is like, apps can help you stay organized and on track. There are apps for coupons, grocery lists, time trackers, wellness, meal planning and prep, and banking, so use them to help you make your life easier!