Reclaim Your Closets from Clutter

We underestimate how much we value our closets (until we’re looking at new apartments or homes – then we hone in on closet space!) even though they are one of our most valuable organizing tools. They can also overwhelm us with their contents, so here are some pointers for clearing out and shaping up our closets!

Out with the Old: There’s a reason that this is first on every organization list. Audit the contents of your wardrobe closet – if it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in more than a year, out it goes. If you really can’t bear to part with certain items, consider placing them in an under-bed storage container.

In-Closet Storage: If you enjoy organizing, your closet is a dream come true. There are many great options for your closet from accessory storage, shelf organizers, and hanging units. These are versatile solutions that you can customize to met your specific needs. Our partners at The Container Store have any storage solution you can dream of! Check out this closet expander rod!

Maximize Hanger Space: Stackable and cascading hangers are a great way to maximize your closet space. Items that would have taken up four hanger spaces now take up just one!

Organize by Type: Group clothing by whatever type you wish: by color, by piece (e.g. trousers, skirts, etc.), or by occasion.

The possibilities for closet organization are practically endless! You can use these tips to simply shape up your storage space, or you can create your dream closet. No matter which route you take, you’re sure to feel happy and accomplished with your results.

Happy organizing!