Quickly Reduce Stress by Spending Time on These 3 Areas

Stress is the worst! But it can be reduced quickly and drastically…  through simple organization. Set aside time (even just 30 minutes) to organize three important areas of your life and feel your stress melt away.

Organize Your PRIORITIES
One of the best ways to relieve stress is to set priorities in your life, both personal and professional. This will help you focus on important tasks and projects and spend your time on the things that are truly important to you. One professional client told me his goal was to spend as much time as possible at home with his family, yet he was working 60+ hours a week. His actions were in conflict with his priorities. Take the necessary time to set goals and a vision for your life. Write them down and post them in a conspicuous place so you see them daily. Have them right in front of you! It’s best to review them often so you don’t go off track.

Organize Your SCHEDULE & TASKS
Mentally juggling all of the things you have to do can be a significant cause of stress. Simply writing down tasks will give you a clear perspective on what you need to accomplish every day. Using a daily planner and to do list are the most efficient ways to organize your schedule and tasks. Do it digitally or do it on paper… the key is to DO IT! The best method to use is one that works best for you and most importantly, one you will use consistently.

Organize Your SPACE
A cluttered home or workspace creates stress itself. Spending time in a cluttered environment everyday can cause other health issues as well such as depression and anxiety. It is difficult to find the tools and information you need to accomplish tasks if your environment is in chaos. In addition, there may not be adequate space to work and it may be difficult to relax in a cluttered environment. Our home should be our sanctuary – a place to escape the outside world and de-stress. Make a commitment to declutter your home first, then your work space. Start small, but be consistent until the projects are done.