Q&A: Katie Reilly from New York Sash and Made in Utica

If something cool is going on in Utica, NY – Katie Reilly just might be behind it. We wanted to catch up with this busy millennial to see how she keeps her many duties and events at her day job at New York Sash and her side hustle at “Made in Utica” organized and successful. See what she’s got coming up… and why making the bed is her #1 task of the day.

Name: Katie Reilly

Title: Director of Marketing for New York Sash, a family-owned home improvement company and CNY’s Open House, local TV show focusing on area businesses and community events / Team Member at Made In Utica

Occupation: Marketing, Events, Promotions!

Latest news or project(s) you have going: Just wrapped up promotion of the 2017 Home Show at Turning Stone, which I not only plan the exhibit for New York Sash but handle all of the Home Show marketing and assist with the planning as well.

I am the Media Coordinator for the Ride for Missing Children, a volunteer role that is new to me, very exciting and also important to the mission of the Ride (Keeping Children Safe, One Child at a Time)

Next up for Made in Utica is 2nd Annual Utica Day on April 29th at MVCC Jorgensen Center with MVCC Cultural Series. The event will celebrate all things Utica, from arts and music to the unique businesses and eateries our city is known for, to the people that are causing growth and change. I’m currently sorting through vendor applications and finalizing panelists!

With your busy schedule, what are your organizing secrets? Lists! I actually use my calendar as my to-do list. It helps me lay out meetings and deadlines and sometimes I will plan appointments just to use the notes section to detail out tasks and projects I want to accomplish on a certain day.

Additionally, tools like Google Drive are a huge help in coordinating efforts with a team and making sure that no matter what device you’re using, your materials are accessible.

What is the MOST organized area of your life? My house. No matter what chaos is going on with work or projects I like my living area clean! Making my bed every day is very important. Even though I live alone, I like starting my day by accomplishing something.

What is the LEAST organized area of your life? Prioritizing projects. I tend to procrastinate and will work on items that are not so important while deadlines loom ahead of me.

What is one thing that you make time for every week no matter what? I recently started going to a fitness trainer, and having that responsibility and appointment means I won’t skip out on my workout. And two half-hour sessions a week are sometimes the only constant thing I do for myself!

If we walked in your work space right now, what would we say? Well it is currently an event week, so probably that I killed a lot of trees this week. But at a home show with 6,000 attendees, you want to make sure you have the proper materials to display the proper message about your brand.

Have you made any organizing goals for 2017? Yes actually – I have vowed to ‘say no more’ to items that are less worthwhile to my career or personal goals so I can focus on items that are worthy of my attention. I think this carries over into organization because I can spend more time getting ahead, staying focus and prioritized if there is less on my plate!