Q&A: Jason and Doug from Bite Bakery and Cafe

Ever wonder how some of your favorite businesses and personalities keep their busy schedules organized? How DO they do it all? Each month, we’ll be featuring a Q&A with an entrepreneur, community activist, non-profit leader and more to give you a glimpse into the “behind-the-scenes” of their every day lives. Our first feature is one of Utica, NY’s fastest growing cafes and bakeries – Bite Bakery and Cafe. This modern space is busy any time of day you stop by and after recently celebrating their one year anniversary, they expanded their space to include a newly renovated bakery side. Locals love it, visitors love it, and we love Jason and Doug! Let’s dive in…
Bite Bakery logo
Jason and Douglas Allen-Leonard
Business: Bite Bakery and Cafe in Franklin Square, Downtown Utica, NY
Title: Owners
Occupation:  Providing awesome food and treats to our amazing customers!

What is the latest news from Bite or project you have going?:
Bite Bakery and Cafe is currently working on several new health focused grab-n-go lunch options that will be available on Monday, January 16. We are currently finalizing the options and will debut the new menu options later this week.

With your busy schedules, what are your organizing secrets?
Start organized and stay organized.  We have a small, yet very effective motto.  “If it takes less than two minutes to complete, do it now.”  We are a high-volume establishment so organization is key to making sure we run as a well oiled machine.

What is the MOST organized area of your life?
In all honesty, it would be the business. This is our baby and we want to make sure that it’s taken care of from the moment the lights go on, to the moment they are turned off.

What is the LEAST organized area of your life?
Ha! Where to start! Probably our personal home office.  It’s an accumulation of papers and objects that have accrued over the years.  We wouldn’t necessarily state it’s “unorganized”, but it could definitely use a little love.

doggiesWe know you have 3 adorable dogs. What’s the trick to keeping their schedules organized?
Between Giselle’s soccer games, Luciana’s painfully ear piercing piano recitals, and Caro’s incessant need to judge me as I eat, it can be pretty hectic.  Just kidding!  We both have schedules that we work at the cafe and outside of those schedules we make sure to spend time with our beloved Pugs and French Bulldog.


What is one thing that you make time for every week no matter what?
Every Sunday, after we close, we make sure to go home, put on something nice and go to a nice dinner somewhere.  We will not discuss work, but simply enjoy each other’s company for that brief moment.

If we walked in your apartment right now, what would we say?
WOW!  Are those dogs judging me?  Ha!  Actually, you would probably say it was pretty organized.  We have a large loft that is completely open, so clutter can’t really accumulate.  It’s just a small portion of the office area that needs a little love.

Have you made any organizing goals for 2017?
Yes!  We have been going through stuff and tossing and/or donating items every week.  We have made quite an impact already and have alleviated the much needed storage room we need!