Organizing is for the birds… Literally!

You all know I love clutter. More specifically, I like getting rid of clutter! But sometimes… organizing is for the birds. LITERALLY!

While working with one of my recent clients, Bill and his family, I noticed they had a chicken coop and a few animals nosing around the yard behind their house. Well, to be fair, they do live on a farm so this wasn’t really out of the norm. Nevertheless, I must have looked a bit curious because they offered to bring me outside to see all the animals.

Being a Long Island girl, born and raised, chicken coops and goat pens were few and far between. I had an absolute ball with all the animals especially Earl, the goat, and a whole crew of chickens. This mother hen was right in the coop with all the other little chicks when Bill mentioned that some of them had yet to be named and offered me the honor of naming one! (How cool is that?!) So I looked around for just the right one. Wouldn’t you know, there was one chicken sitting right in a trash can full of feed. I knew right away that this little chick was perfect so I named her “DeClutter”… and then promptly took her out of the garbage. Yes, yes, yes… I decluttered the bird. Ha!

Enjoy the photo gallery with me, Billy, Earl the Goat, our NEWEST team member – DeClutter the Chicken!


declutter-coach-blog-pictures-004declutter-coach-blog-pictures-003 declutter-coach-blog-pictures-002declutter-coach-blog-pictures-001