Organize & Energize for the Summer

June is a great time to take on some simple organizing projects, so you’ll have more time to do the things you want to do and spend less time looking for things! Here are seven strategies to get you started.

1- DeClutter and organize your refrigerator
This is a great project to do with the kids. Empty all the contents of the refrigerator and toss all expired items (check all the dates!). Decluttering and cleaning are natural partners, so completely clean the inside with Lysol wipes. Put like items together and use containers and bins to keep things tidy and easy to access. Cut up fresh fruit and vegetable and keep healthy snacks on hand that are easy to grab on the go!

2- Pack a bag for the beach, pool or lake
Put towels, goggles, sunglasses, beach toys, suntan lotion, a first aid kit, snacks and an extra change of clothes in a large bag so you are ready to go when the mood strikes or the weather is good! Store items that go in the large beach bag in Ziploc storage bags to keep it organized and pack a few plastic shopping bags to put wet towels in on the ride home.

3- Spring clean your house!
If you haven’t started or even thought about spring cleaning yet, it’s never too late! Schedule a few tasks or rooms per week until your home is done. Don’t forget the windows! A few minutes a day can make a big difference.

4- Schedule doctors’ appointments for the kids
Don’t wait till the last minute to schedule your doctor’s appointments for camp physicals or even physicals needed for back to school. The summer goes by so fast and doctor’s schedules fill up quickly. Don’t wait till the last minute to schedule these appointments and stress over late paperwork.

5 – Clean out your garage and/or shed.
Take advantage of a cloudy, but dry day and declutter and organize your garage or shed. Discard or donate items you don’t use or need. The garage becomes a dumping ground during the winter months so now is the perfect time to clean it out. Organize items in categories and don’t forget to sweep out the garage! All of that dust winds up in our home if we don’t.

6 – Before it gets too hot….check your air conditioner
Is it working? Schedule an appointment to have it serviced before the summer heat! When the hot weather hits, it’s sometimes difficult to have them serviced or to even find new window air conditioners at an affordable price. A few minutes can save hours of being uncomfortable!

7 – Bring your winter coats to the dry cleaner
I’ve been doing this for years and love having a nice clean winter coat when the first cold day hits. Many dry cleaners run sales this time of year on winter coats, so don’t wait.

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