Ten Tips to Organize Your Craft Space

  1. If your craft supplies get cluttered, it’s hard to know exactly what you have and the chaos makes it difficult to be creative. Use these tips to say goodbye to frustration and hello to creativity!Use a shoebox to store your ribbons, with the ribbons on a dowel and holes for dispensing, you can say goodbye to tangles! Instructions here
  2. Many of us have small decorative boxes or baskets that we bought because we were sure we’d use them lurking in storage somewhere. Put them to work storing pens, pencils, and markers by placing cardboard toilet tissue rolls into the box and store your writing implements upright in the tubes! You can also wrap soup cans in pretty paper and use them for attractive pen storage. Check out Deb’s Organized in 60 Seconds here.
  3. Up to your eyeballs in Washi tape? Mount adhesive wall hooks on a door and load the tape onto a dowel. Bonus: it also looks pretty. Instructions here.
  4. Drawer organizers aren’t just for kitchen utensils! Use them to store your supplies – you can even customize them with some of your own handiwork.
  5. If you have wall space, pegboard can accommodate hooks and just about anything appropriate for wall mounting. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  6. If you have small children, you can make one of their play tables into a creativity center. Simply attach a heavy duty apron (such as the canvas ones used for gardening) to the table and use it for crayons, markers, and paint palettes. You can also hang shelves within their reach for their larger items
  7. If you have supplies that you move from one craft station to another, use a bath tote to store them so you can easily move the lot from place to place.
  8. Do you use tiny embellishments in your crafting? Repurpose a pill box to hold them! Just label over the day with a description (for example, “Sunday” becomes “pink flower”); you can even glue an embellishment onto the compartment so you can find what you want at a glance!
  9. Use a clear plastic desktop filing system to hold your stickers and die cuts – the tiers make them so easy to see!
  10. Declutter! Ditch the dried up glue and paint. Scrap the scraps of ribbon and material that you’ve been saving “just in case.” Donate the products that are still good but you won’t use. You’ll be glad you did!