Lessons Learned

Hi to all of Deb’s Blog Buddies! This is Adam, Deb’s Director of Marketing, publicist, and all around social media guru (her words, not mine). I want to share a little “uh-oh moment” I had the other day. Working with Deb, much of our staff has a natural talent for staying organized. If we don’t… Deb lends us a helping hand. However, even the most organized crew can make a mistake now and again.

In the process of cleaning up after the holidays and preparing for my upcoming honeymoon I simply forgot to get my car inspection updated for 2012. It didn’t occur to me until I saw the ticket on my car when I was leaving a business meeting one afternoon. Talk about embarrassing! I know, I know… I can hear my mother’s voice in my head (not to mention Deb’s voice over the phone when I told her). But, hey, mistakes happen.

I grabbed my cell phone and made an appointment to get the car inspected that very minute. (Don’t worry I was parked. No talking and driving.) The garage was backed up and said I could get my car in the day after next. Satisfied that I’d done my due diligence, I headed home.

The next day during my lunch hour, I was driving down a main street when I got pulled over. Now, I’m a super cautious driver and could not think of anything I might have done wrong. Then it hit me… my inspection! That’s right, two tickets within 12 hours. All because I let the inspection slip my mind. Needless to say, I have now programmed “GET INSPECTION” into my phone’s calendar and have it repeating yearly. Friendly tip: if you have appointments or special dates that occur regularly, set a reminder for yourself. Sometimes life gets so hectic that small things fall through the cracks. A few tickets later and I’ve learned my lesson.