It’s Go Time! Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! You’ve planned, cooked, and have the table set, but something has gone awry. Don’t stress yourself out! Just keep Deb’s Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips handy!

  • Poultry Problem? The Butterball Turkey Hotline has you covered! They’ve had questions about how to give a turkey “tan lines” and “will the grease from the chainsaw I used to carve it affect my turkey,” so don’t be shy with your questions – they’ve heard it all before! Call them at 1-800-288-8372.
  • No turkey rack? No problem! Place carrots and celery on the bottom of your roasting pan – problem solved!
  • Did your forget to chill the wine or another beverage? Add a handful of salt to an ice bucket along with water and ice and your bottle will chill out quickly!
  • Did your mashed potatoes or stuffing not come out as you’d hoped? Make a quick run to the store and pick up frozen or boxed mashed potatoes and a stovetop stuffing mix. Dress up the spuds with a little sour cream or cheddar cheese, and make the stuffing special by adding chopped and sauteed vegetables (onions, carrots, celery).

Most importantly, Thanksgiving is a holiday to spend with loved ones and reflecting on your blessings, so enjoy it!