International Save Your Photos Month is September – Take the Pledge!


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September is Save Your Photos Month!


Recent floods in Louisiana can’t help but make us feel deeply for those affected, and we can’t help but wonder what we would do in that situation. As Deb says, “We have insurance for our homes, apartments, vehicles, and belongings, but what about those things that can’t be replaced like our family memories! We have to protect our photos, videos, and important documents so we can share them with future generations!”

How do we protect them? This is the question that the founders and sponsors of International Save Your Photos Month wanted to address. It was initially developed by the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO), and has grown to include such sponsors as our very own DeClutter Coach and APPO member, Deb Cabral, our national sponsor Forever, and several other organizations.

You can take the pledge to save your photos here and join Deb in your dedication to preserving your personal legacy. When you sign up, you’ll get daily tips from APPO professionals on organizing and managing your collection, as well as inspiration to keep you going!

“The Save Your Photos initiative and working with Forever is insurance for your memories, which is invaluable,” Deb recently said, echoing her earlier statement about insurance.

Forever is your complete memory-keeping solution. With Forever, you can edit, organize, store, and share your photos. Create and print beautiful photo books, and convert your old media to new digital formats. Rest easy knowing your content will always be safe in your permanent digital home at Forever. All of this is possible because of the Forever Guarantee and our easy-to-use web, mobile, and desktop apps. With a free account, you can organize, share, and print your family photos and documents today. Upgrade to a Guaranteed Permanent Storage Account and rest easy knowing your precious memories are protected for generations.

Forever’s memberships are guaranteed for the life of the member, plus 100 years. They also have a policy in place for succession, so the account can be passed along just like any other part of an estate where many other online photo services cease and delete accounts rather than allow then to be transferred.

Chart showing how Forever can help you convert and store your memories
Forever can help you convert and store your memories.

A Forever membership is unique because membership fees are invested into a fund that functions as an endowment, so only the interest generated can be spent. The amount the company does withdraw and use goes toward security upgrades, cloud storage advancements, investment in app performance, and automatic migration of your files to new formats. Imagine if jpegs were replaced by a better format and you had to convert all of your photos – no thank you! Founder and CEO Glen Meakem discusses the model in this post.

And did we mention that membership is a one-time-only fee? Unless you want to purchase additional storage, you don’t pay any annual renewal fees thanks to the investment model discussed above. It affordable insurance for your precious family memories! 

Save an additional 20% off the one time payment for Forever’s permanent membership! Use code School20.

To learn more about Forever’s product and services check out Part 1 of the 4-part webinar series called Organizing Your Memories with Deb & Shelley. Shelley is an Executive Sales Director at Forever and along with Deb gives you step by step instructions on how to get started preserving your family memories!

Let’s get psyched and Save Our Photos!