How to leave work behind on vacation

We hope you all had a great 4th of July. The summer is OFFICIALLY here and vacation may be right around the corner. Everyone could use a vacation, but breaking away from work in an “always on” world can be so tough. We compiled a few tips to help you disconnect from work and reconnect with those you love and the place you’re visiting.

Happy travels!

Before you leave:

Make the week before vacation highly productive
The week before you leave vacation can make your or break you. On Monday morning, remind everyone that you work with closely or have projects going with when your last day will be that week and what you need from them before you go. That will put them on alert and move them to get tasks done for you. Start each day that week with positive thoughts and energy and work as efficiently and productively as you can all day. If you need to put in a little extra time each day or do some tasks after the kids are in bed, it will be well worth it. Limit meetings that week to get the most out of your time. The goal is to leave for vacation with your to do list of immediate needs done and be sure you have people informed so they can handle things in your absence.

Skip TV shows and lay low on social media
You can catch up with your favorite TV shows when you get back, or even on vacation. Facebook can suck major minutes from you EVERY time you log on. Gain lots of time for packing, planning and checking things off your to do list before you leave by staying away from these.

Get people ready for your absence
Yes, set up your automated email reply so people know you’re out and give them the contact information for someone they can connect with while you’re gone. You know what else is effective? Call or pow wow with people! Picking up the phone and having a quick status call can easily get loose ends tied up. Grabbing someone quick for an informal meeting or a standing pow wow in the hallway to go over where all projects are, action items, follow up needs and reiterating your vacation schedule will convey expectations and give you confidence to leave the office in peace!

While on vacation

Pick a mantra
The first couple days are the hardest. You’re itching to check email and get little pangs of anxiety as work creeps into your mind. Choose a mantra to say to yourself as you exhale and ease your way into vacation mode. How about “Stop and enjoy, “It’s taken care of”, “Stop worrying”, “I’m on vacation” or “It’ll be there when I get back”. Use whatever works for you to stay in the moment and enjoy the place and people you’re with. As your vacation goes on, you’ll find yourself having to say it less and less.

Just say no
Say no to checking your email or taking calls. Protect your time, for time with your family and personal time to recharge is critical in your life. If you were diligent before you left, if you checked in with everyone and have people you delegated information to to take care of things, nothing SHOULD be that dire where it can’t wait.

Be in the moment
If you’re on the beach, doesn’t watching your children splash in the waves or build a sandcastle beat pulling out your phone to check email? Take in what’s around you, listen to waves and birds, walk slowly, don’t check the time. Unleashing yourself from your routine can do wonders for your mood, your body and your mind.

We wish you all relaxing vacations filled with memories and joy. If you have any tips that you use to unwind and enjoy your vacation time, please let us know at