Bottom to Top Home Organization!

Your home never really gets a break – you’re busy year-round with school, holidays, vacations, work, and probably a whole lot else! It’s easy for your home to become disorganized as you’re going about the business of living your life, but a thorough organization now will save you frustration when things get really hectic.

Game Plan: Prioritize the areas and rooms that you want to get into shape, and base it on practicality rather than easiest to most difficult (or vise versa). Remember that you want to truly get a handle on these areas and make them work for you. For instance, if you live in a region that experiences harsh winters, you may decide that your garage is your top priority so you can park your car(s) in them once the snow starts to fly. In fact, Elizabeth and Bob’s garage was the focus of an entire Organization Motivation! episode!

Kitchen: The kitchen can bear the brunt of clutter, after all, it’s where many of us put out keys, leave our mail, and regularly gets restocked (with groceries, gadgets, and appliances). The keys and mail are easy enough to handle, but what about the bigger issues of counter and cabinet clutter? The kitchen is the ideal room for “A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place! Decide where you want to keep your smaller appliances – such as food processors and blenders – and make sure they get put back after use! It could be as simple as writing the appliance on masking tape and placing it in the appropriate area; once you see that tape out of the corner of your eye, you’ll want it covered ASAP! There are also many simple and affordable cabinet hacks that can increase and organize your kitchen storage. Deb also has a blog post devoted entirely to the kitchen here and tames a chaotic kitchen here.

Family Hub: As Deb demonstrates in this Organized In 60 Seconds, a Family Hub is a quick and easy way to create a central area where anyone in the family can find everything from schedules to emergency contact numbers!

Bedrooms: As if you needed one more back-to-school task! However, organizing the kids’ rooms before school shopping and school will help you weed out the clothes they no longer need or wear, making room for any new clothing purchases you may make. Disorganized bedrooms can be distracting, or even stressful, for some children, and a good decluttering will help to provide them with a pleasant, relaxing space of their own. It can be done!

Toys in the Attic…or the Basement: Is your attic a black hole for toys? (And clothes? And electronics? And holiday decorations?) Or does that honor go to your basement? These are probably the two most difficult rooms to tackle, especially if you’ve watched a few too many horror films. If you have allergies, pick up some surgical masks at the drug store, along with disposable gloves so you don’t have to directly touch the dust and grime buildup!

Take stock of what you have and divide it into three categories: Keep, Toss, and Donate/Sell. Purge the Toss pile first, so you have more room to organize the Keepers. Donate to local non-profit agencies (get a receipt for tax deduction purposes!) or churches, or sell what you no longer wish to keep at a yard sale or an online auction site.

Home Office: If you work from home at all, you know how clutter can invade your office/work space. If you don’t already have it, invest in adequate equipment – it doesn’t have to be fancy, but a designated desk, chair, filing system and shelves can help you keep the two worlds separate – even though they may share a room!