Get Organized at Work in One Week

Being disorganized at work can really have a negative impact on an individual’s performance and a company’s bottom line. Disorganization can decrease efficiency and affect credibility!

We have compiled a list of six things you can do in one week to get you on track. And yes… six days means you start on SUNDAY, which is the ultimate planning day!

Sunday: Get Organized by Setting Goals
Determine and write down your goals before you start your week – Sunday is the perfect day for this. Writing down your goals increases your chance of success to 80%. Looking at those goals every day, increases the success rate to 90%. Get a pen and paper or open up a word document and start writing! Remember, goals must be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Goals also need to have deadlines to keep you on track.

Monday: DeClutter Your Desk
A cluttered desk can equate to a cluttered mind and the first day of the work week is an ideal day to get it cleared off. Clutter makes it difficult to focus and be productive. Get rid of unnecessary distractions in your workspace.

Tuesday: Review Your Calendar
Use ONE calendar system for all team members or co-workers to prevent scheduling conflicts. Also, use one calendar for both your personal and professional commitments. Do you have notes and appointments everywhere? Dedicate at least an hour to just concentrating on your calendar and it will make an enormous difference.

Wednesday: Take a Look at Your Filing System
Having an organized, labeled filing system saves time as you can retrieve items quickly and can easily put things back where they belong when you’re done with them. 80% of what we file we never look at again, so think before you file and before you decide on creating or altering your system! Hanging files should be general categories and interior folders should be more specific. Weed files on an annual basis.

Thursday: Tame Your Business Card Collection
When you meet someone and get their business card, start writing the date and where you met them on the back of the card. Save only those cards that you will refer to again. If you prefer saving items electronically, scan the card (both sides) and toss it. If your preference is to save the actual card, categorize them for easy reference.

Friday: Toss Old Reading Material
A great way to end the week! Do you have stacks of trade journals or magazines in your office? Quickly go through the magazines and pull out the articles of interest, then toss the magazine. File the articles in a folder or scan them to a digital folder. Organize them by topic for easy reference. When flying or waiting at a doctor’s office, you can read a few articles.