Get Cooking without the Clutter

Cooking and eating are some of the simplest, yet most satisfying, pleasures in life. If your kitchen is in disarray, you may find yourself more frustrated than anything. Use these tips to get your kitchen in order so you can enjoy your time there.

Divide and Conquer: You can use spring-loaded drawer organizers, such as this one from our partners at The Container Store to keep your kitchen drawers in order. You can also get creative and use them in cabinets to sort your pots, pans, and lids.

Think Vertically: Do you have a tall, narrow cabinet? Use a vertical divider to keep your cutting boards, cookie sheets, and muffin tins tidy.

Utensil Utilization: Utensil drawers can easily get out of hand. Fortunately, there are many options for tackling this space with a variety of drawer organizers and one is sure to suit your needs. Check out this expandable cutlery organizer from The Container Store.

Safety First: Cork knife organizers will prevent your knives from sliding around, and prevent nasty accidents!

Use Your Doors: A cork board or peg rack strategically placed on the inside of your cabinet doors will provide the perfect place to hang measuring cups and spoons. You can also install a towel bar and use it to hang your larger ladles, whisks, spoons, and strainers.

Label It: Whether you want to use an old-fashioned label maker or get crafty with chalkboard paint, labeling shelves and jars will help keep your shelves and pantry in order.

Under the Sink: For many of us, the space under the sink may as well be an abyss of plastic bags and cleaning products. Use clear plastic bins to sort and organize, bags, sponges, scrubbers, and cleansers.

Keep Cool: Organize your refrigerator with can organizers and clear plastic bins and crisper inserts.

As with many decluttering projects, these tips are just the beginning. As you organize, you may find that you’re inspired to make use of unused space or to use everyday organizing tools in novel ways. No matter how far you take your project, the end result will be a nice, orderly kitchen space!