Organize Garden Tools before the Snow Flies

Those of us in cooler climates have said goodbye to summer and we’re starting to prepare for winter. Within a few weeks, our garden tools will be replaced by snowblowers and shovels, so now is an ideal time to organize our garden tools so they’re ready to go when spring arrives.

Whether you have a shed for your gardening needs, or just part of a garage or porch, these tips will help you keep everything in order.

  • If you have mainly small-handled and handheld tools, then you can use a shower caddy or a vintage milk carrier for storage.
  • By attaching pvc pipe to a wall of you shed, garage, or porch, you have instant storage for long-handled tools such as brooms, rakes, and digging shovels.
  • Mount an old metal rake head and use the tines to hand tools.
  • Little time and less desire to embark on a DIY project? Purchase a potting bench!