Working in Perfect Harmony

I’ve written a bit about the great team we have at DeClutter Coach and DC Efficiency Consulting, but I don’t think I’ve truly expressed how our team seems to work so well together. It all has to do with being a little bit crazy. Here’s just one example of the crazy crew we’ve got here.

Adam, at times, has lovingly called me “crazy, but in a good way”. Hey, sometimes it takes a bit of crazy to get the job done. I’m not sure if I’m rubbing off on him or if he’s always been a little bit crazy himself. As Adam knows well, I’m always talking about going for your dreams – if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Just a little biy of crazy can push you to do what others deem impossible.

All I can say is Adam must have channeled a little bit of crazy while on his honeymoon cruise recently. If you don’t already know, these large cruise ships usually offer some amazing entertainers, but somehow Adam had the opportunity to see Idina Menzel, Tony Award winning actress and singer. (You might know her as “Maureen” in Rent, “Elphaba” in Wicked, or as Rachel’s mom in Glee.) I’d say that is pretty amazing entertainment even for a cruise! Now, I didn’t know this at the time, but Adam is a trained singer. Before making the switch to PR and Marketing he was a vocal major all throughout high school and into college. (I must have missed that on his resume under the “hidden talents” section.) As Adam tells the story, Idina was giving an amazing performance when halfway through the show she asks the audience for a  volunteer to sing a duet with her in front of 2000 people. Well, needless to say, our guy Adam pops out of his chair and runs straight toward the stage, no questions asked, and sings a duet from Rent with one of his Broadway idols.

I didn’t even get to hear this story until more than a week after he got back from his trip (again… keeping hidden talents hidden – sheesh!) My first thoughts were “oh my gosh, that is so something I would do!” and “I can’t wait to tell my daughter who’s a huge Idina fan too!” I guess a little bit of crazy does push you that extra step that most people don’t have the courage to take. That’s how I started my business – one crazy step at a time. Look where we are today!

I haven’t been able to get Adam to sing during any of our staff meetings, but I’m sure I’ll wear him down some day. Maybe a Friday night Karaoke staff meeting downtown will bring it out in him… okay and maybe me too!