Eliminate Digital Clutter

Having a clutter-free computer and phone provides a more productive experience…. and decluttering certain areas can take just a few minutes. Here’s a list to get you started!

1 – Old Documents
Most of us have documents that are years old and no longer needed. Just like physical clutter, digital clutter can cause us to feel overwhelmed by the number of documents we have to see. Take a deep dive into every document you have and determine if it can go. If you are never going to reference it again, delete it!

2 – Desktop Icons
Keep only icons for folders/files that you are currently using on your desktop. Everything else should be filed in a labeled folder. Think of the desktop as a temporary holding bin. Remember, the more cluttered your desktop, the longer it takes to find things which results in wasted, unproductive time.

3 – Internet Bookmarks
Take the time to delete old bookmarks that you no longer need. For the bookmarks you will continue using, consider creating a folder system to keep them more organized and easy to access.

4 – Old Contacts
Delete all contacts that you no longer need. When our contact file is cluttered with unnecessary contacts, we lose efficiency. This is a task you could do easily on your phone or laptop all at once or in little spurts as you can (think doctor’s waiting rooms, sitting in the car waiting for your kid’s practice to end, etc.) . Make sure the two are synced so you don’t have to delete contacts in two separate places.

5 – Photos
Is your phone and laptop storage space getting low because you have so many photos? Delete photos that are duplicates, photos of products you need to remember to buy (we all do it!) or photos you just no longer want. Try Forever.com to store all of the photos you want to save permanently. Their app is easy to use and has an amazing feature that will back up the photos on your phone, so you can delete them and free up space.

6 – Apps you no longer use
Apps can take up a LOT of space on your mobile phone. Delete the apps you are not using and organize apps in folders to make them easy to locate.