Easy Strategies to Create an Organized Closet

If the thought of organizing your closet seems too overwhelming to even think about, I’ve got a bit of advice for you. It’s not as hard as you think! The benefits of having an organized closet far out way the effort it takes to get it that way. Here are some simple strategies to get you started.

1- Ask yourself: Would I wear this again? Does it fit and flatter my figure NOW?
If not- let it go! Don’t save an item that you have not worn all season by convincing yourself that you’ll wear it next year. Most likely, you won’t. If the items are still in good shape, donate them to someone who can use them or to a local charity.

2- Use all the same hangers
Having the same hangers visually gives a closet a streamlined appearance. We recommend thin felt hangers as they allow you to store more in your closet and the felt keeps items from sliding off the hanger. I like to buy them locally at Bed Bath and Beyond. Remember to bring a coupon. They even take expires ones!

3- Divide clothes by type
Organizing by type makes it easy to see what you have and coordinate outfits. Some types could be pants, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, blazers, skirts, etc. You get the picture! Spending a few minutes getting organized can save hours when you’re trying to get out the door on time.

4- Use bins on shelves above the closet rod
Bins are a great way to store items neatly on shelves. No more falling clothes! Organize handbags, sweaters or off-season clothes in bins and if they are not clear, label each bin so you can find what you need quickly.

5- Use the closet’s vertical space AND the floor
Don’t waste closet space! Make sure you’re using all of the vertical space. If your closet has high ceilings, install another shelf to store less frequently used items in labeled bins. Don’t forget about the floor. A rolling cart or clear boxes are perfect options.

6- Store shoes in cubbies or clear plastic shoeboxes
Avoid throwing shoes at the bottom of your closet. It’s difficult to find them, plus they get dusty! Protect the investment you made in purchasing your shoes by storing them in clear plastic storage boxes that can be found at the dollar store.

7- Have a hamper and full-length mirror in your closet (or close by)
To keep dirty clothes separated from the clean one, have a hamper in or near your closet. It will make it easier to resist the temptation to throw them on the floor. Install a full-length mirror on the inside door of your closet or an adjacent wall so it’s easy to see how you look before you leave for the day.