Display Holiday Photo Cards for Years to Come

There’s nothing better than getting holiday cards in the mail – the handwritten addresses, real stamps (!), and the anticipation of opening them to be met with holidays greetings from friends and family near and far. It’s also a joy to see photos of the kids in our lives as they grow older each year (don’t get me wrong… Facebook is great, but nothing replaces holding a photo in your hand!)

When the holidays are over, it’s too tough to throw them out! That’s why years ago, I started a great tradition – the holiday card basket.

It’s so easy to do:

  • Collect the year’s photo holiday cards
  • Punch a hole in the top left corner of each one
  • Keep them together with a metal key ring
  • Add a decorative ribbon and a small card or tag to write the year on
  • Place them in a holiday basket and put them out on display
  • Add to the basket each year
  • Store safely in a plastic container or box to keep them safe and from fading

This is one of the first things my family enjoys looking through each holiday season. Give it a try!

PS – watch how I put them together in this Organized in 60 Seconds clip!