Media Mischief Managed

Everyone has an aspect of their job that they just don’t care for. Making media appearances is… NOT one of those things. (Ha! Fooled you! Did you think this was going to be a negative blog? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! It’s a new year and we’re starting it off on a positive note.) We all might have negative parts of our daily job, but focusing on the positive and pushing through the negative helps us to keep on track, on task, and on par to reaching our goals. (There… I’ll step down from my soapbox. Now it’s time for the good stuff.)

I want to share with you a little of the “behind-the-scenes” in making local media appearances. They can happen at any time of the day from early morning interviews to late night last-minute copyedits. Radio and TV shows, newspaper articles and weekly columns, and magazine advice sections are just a few of the media outreach initiatives my team and I work on to keep The DeClutter Coach brand out in the community. It may seem like a lot of work (and believe me, it is) but in all truth… it’s SO much fun.

deb-and-garyFor example, going on the radio in early hours of the morning might not be your cup of tea (or double shot of espresso as the case might be). But you can’t help but have fun when you’re on KISS-FM with Gary “Big Poppa” Spears or on Talk of the Town with Mark Piersma and Frank Elias. These three guys are barrel of laughs. Talking with any of them on the air feels like you’re just having a conversation with a good friend…except for the multiple microphones and giant radio switchboard between us.

Another one of my favorites is doing the morning and noon NewsTalk on WKTV with Don Shipman (and sometimes Megan Koskovich too). I love these two in the morning. They are a riot. We get to talk about upcoming DeClutter Coach courses or just general tips for decluttering and organizing your life. We usually try to stick with a specific theme like “DeCluttering for Tax Season” or “Organizing for College”.

A big part of running my business is tied to community awareness and being in the public eye. The marketing crew on our staff would say “top of the mind awareness is the key to our company’s future growth.” I couldn’t agree more. When you’re starting a small business or quickly expanding your small business as we are, being seen and heard is almost as important as creating and maintaining a quality product or service. We certainly put a lot of care into each and every one of our clients. The “free advice” we give to viewers, listeners, and readers in the local and regional markets is a crucial aspect to the growth and maturity of our company and the overall DeClutter Coach brand.

The fact that we have an absolute ball doing it all is just icing on the cake.