Big Love for Tiny Homes!

2016 was the year that tiny houses took the United States by storm! As a culture, we’re

moving away from the drive to accumulate things and toward decluttering and living

more simply.

Bill Rockhill of Bear Creek Carpentry, located in Woodgate, NY, has said that building

tiny houses has become the main focus of his business, and his homes can be found all

over the country. He began building tiny houses about 15 years ago, so he’s quite a


As you can probably imagine, tiny houses must be impeccably organized and provide

unique organizing challenges. As The DeClutter Coach, my team and I have coached

people who’ve needed help with large houses and small apartments, and I’m incredibly

impressed with how tiny houses incorporate shelves, cabinets, and hidden storage to

maximize living space.

I was so enthusiastic about tiny houses that I devoted an entire episode of my national

television show Organization Motivation! to them. Watch the episode here for an inside

look at how tiny houses are built, and how to get the most out of the space!

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Live simply,

Deb Cabral, The DeClutter Coach

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