Become a Decluttering Weekend Warrior

You don’t have to head out and run a marathon or ski black diamonds all day to be a “Weekend Warrior”. You can be a champion right in your own home and tackle… clutter! Here’s three things you can put on the agenda for this weekend that will relieve some stress and get you a few steps closer to being organized and clutter-free.

1) Declutter Your Phone
Our phones, while so helpful, can make you feel totally overwhelmed. They hold a lot of things, which leads to a lot of digital clutter. In the time that you watch a movie (OR binge a few episodes on Netflix) you can delete/organize some contacts, delete unused apps, back up photos, clear out voice mails, etc. Do you know how much storage is taken up by photos sitting in your text messages? Sift through those as well – make sure photos are saved to your phone and backed up, then delete them! Flop down on the couch, put your feet up, and tackle that phone! (This is also great to do while waiting for your kids’ sports practice to be over.)

2) Throw out Ten Things
Get a garbage bag and go to town. Get rid of 10 things you don’t need, that are broken, that you’re holding on to for no good reason or that you don’t even remember why you bought in the first place. Make them go away. Repeat this every week and before you know it, the clutter is drastically minimized and you feel like a champion. A great day to get into this habit is on garbage day.

3) Be a Paperwork Master for One Hour
Is paperwork a source of constant headache? Set an alarm (on the phone you just decluttered!) for one hour and get through as much paperwork as you can – recycle old magazines, bundle up newspapers, get through the kid’s school papers and transfer important things to your family calendar, organize your bill paying station (or make one!), toss any outdated coupons you have laying around, clean out your purse or work bag and file things where they need to go. If you have a LOT of paper clutter, tackle just one room or area. If you have confidential documents that need to be shred, Confidata in Utica can help.