After Christmas Organizing Ideas

Christmas morning is fun and chaotic all at the same time. We work so hard to shop for the perfect gifts and wrap them beautifully with pretty paper, ribbons and bows only to have them opened in five seconds flat. Gifts are open, but now the room looks like a tornado came through. Here are some tips to get organized after the craziness of Christmas morning.

1 – Create a “recycling” bag or box
Once the gifts are open, pick up all the wrap and put it in a bag or box to be recycled. Make it into a game and get everyone in the family to help.

2 – Take items out of the original packaging
In most cases, the packaging can take up more room that the item itself. If the items are not going to be returned, remove them from the packing and recycle if appropriate. Be sure to save any directions or instructions.

3 – Sort and donate
If you have young children, go through their current toys and pull out what they no longer use and consider donating them before the end of the year to be able to take advantage of the tax deduction. If the kids received so many new things that they can’t take it all in, put some away and rotate toys each month bringing out new ones at a later date.

4 – Decide where the new items will go
Take a good look at what each family member received and decide where the new items will go. When putting the items away, determine if there is more than just toys that need to be donated. For example, if you received a new red sweater and your current one is in bad shape and cannot be donated, get rid of it now while you are putting the new one away. You get the idea. Don’t keep what you no longer need or use.

5 – Put it all away!
Schedule time for everyone to put all of their new items away. This should be easier if you’ve decided where they should go and made the appropriate space for them. Remember to avoid clutter build up we need to remove items from our home as we bring in new ones.