Q&A with Sistina Giordano

Being a TV host and a mom keeps Sistina on her toes. Learn how bins keep her on top of clutter, what she surrounds herself with in her office and how she’s working to get her photos off her phone and onto her walls!

Name: Sistina Giordano

Title: Bridge Street Co-host on News Channel 9

Occupation: Co-host and mom! 🙂

Latest news or project(s) you have going: The New York State Fair is just a few days away. It’s always a whirlwind but an exciting time for us here in Central New York.

With your busy schedule, what are your organizing secrets?
One of my biggest secrets is that I have bins for many different things — shoe bins in my mud room, for example to have a place for all things that I can swap in and out – Winter hats and gloves or summer suits and towels and the kids summer shoes too—Everything in its place and what works best for me and my two kids. Bins in the kids closets and mine too. I have a wall system in my kitchen that I live by. It holds my mail and has a monthly calendar and bulletin boards. It’s a one stop shop for keeping what I need to do or have to see right where I can see it. And then I have a room where I put things I can’t always get to. My guest room is usually where things end up, again in bins of course and then I try to get to things every other week. I give myself the ability to have a mess in one specific place and make it a point to then be sure to get to it.

What is the MOST organized area of your life?
This is a hard question for me to answer. The last year my personal life has been total chaos in that it was a lot of change very quickly. The one place where I found to be the most organized was my schedule and that of my kids. I have things laid out as best I can to help them and me and that’s been a blessing for me. I can manage what they do, when they do it and that helps tremendously. I’ve also found that I’ve learned to organize my home life so much more. My kitchen is very organized — my linen closet —- very organized. So I work to reorganize things to better suit me.

What is the LEAST organized area of your life?
My dresser drawers. Every month or so, I work to find some organization amid my yoga pants and sweaters but try as I might, this always gets the better of me. I blame it on time and kids. When I do get the time, I’m usually ready for bed and far from wanting to sort through articles of clothing.

What is one thing that you make time for every week no matter what?
Prayer. I try to attend mass on a weekly basis and if I can’t do that I’m usually finding a quiet moment to read or practice some form of daily meditation. My new favorite thing is listening to a podcast every weekday morning when I’m rolling my hair and doing my makeup. I believe in the power of lessons that others can teach us if we take time to listen so I try as hard as I can do that.

If we walked in your work space right now, what would we say?
There’s a wide variety of things going on and I like coffee. I have post its and reminders and inspirational quotes and cards hanging and I have photos and art from my kids. All the things that make me happy I have around me.

Have you made any organizing goals for this year?
To reorganize my home office. Right now it’s basically an empty room of boxes and I want to get that squared away. I’ve toyed with creative wall calendar or some sort of art space but I’m not sure yet. I just want a space that’s inviting that I can go to to write. And I also want to frame more photos. We take so many these days and they just sit in our phones. I’d really like to make more of an effort to show off a few.