5 Unbelievably Easy Things to do to Keep Organized

Sometimes the easiest things to do during day are the ones that make you feel the MOST on top of your game. Don’t forget about the little steps that will keep you motivated. Here’s five to get you started on a successful, organized day.

1 – Make Your Bed
There is a psychological benefit to making your bed every day. Within a few minutes, very early in your day, you can complete a task that can set you on the path to being productive the entire day. Studies show, when we complete one task, we are motivated to complete more. This is a great habit to start at any age!

2 – Keep a Pen and Paper Handy
For those that have trouble sleeping, especially because you can’t seem to turn your mind off, keeping a pen and paper at your nightstand lets you easily write things down without having to worry about forgetting them in the morning. During the day, I do this on my smart phone. I use the “Notes” feature to jot things down as reminders. It helps keep my thoughts and ideas organized.

3 – Maintain an Organized Desk
At work or at home, the benefits to having an organized desk are significant. A cluttered space can create a cluttered mind. Create an organized work space and at the end of the day, to maintain the organization, spend a few minutes putting everything away, so you start the next morning fresh and ready to go!

4 – Put Your Clean Clothes Away
The process of doing laundry is not complete until the clothes are put away. Leaving clean clothes in a basket, in a pile on top of the washer or dryer or on the kitchen table causes stress. Take a few minutes, as soon as possible after the clothes are folded to put them away. Doing so will create order in your life!

5 – Check Your Calendar Throughout the Day
A terrific way to stay organized and focused during the day is to check your calendar often. I like to keep all of my meetings, work, etc. on my calendar as well as my MIT’s (Most Important Tasks) of the day. It’s easy to get distracted during the day, checking your calendar will help limit or minimize wasted time.