3 Tips for Joyful Holiday Traveling 

Nothing is more hectic than the last few days before holiday traveling! It doesn’t have to take a Christmas miracle to have a stress-free trip. Here’s a few things to tackle to fill your trip with joy.

to do list
1)  Make a List. Check it Twice.
To delegate and keep organized, write or type a to do list and post it on the refrigerator (or another central place in your home). Include each family member’s name and what they’re in charge of in preparation for your trip (i.e. feed pets, get the oil changed in the car, unplug the coffee maker, turn the heat down, pack snacks, make a holiday mix CD for the ride, etc.) It will give everyone instructions, it will avoid a million questions being thrown your way and it will hopefully help you avoid anxiety during your trip that you forget something.
girl with doll
2) The Half Hour Rule
If traveling with small children, a great guideline to follow is having a fresh toy or activity for every half hour of travel time. Grab things from home, or pick up a couple small, inexpensive things at the Dollar Store or local toy store. Special snacks work well, too. Keep them tucked away in your bag and bring them out as a surprise.
small town
3) Slow Down to Enjoy the Journey
The journey is joyous – give yourself extra travel time, especially if you’re traveling by car. How many times have you said “oh, I’ve been meaning to stop at that little place” along your route? Make the stop this year! Stop and grab a bite to eat along the way at a cool local spot. Walk around an unfamiliar town. Stop and take photos. Travel time is great family time – if you’re not rushed you have more opportunity to enjoy each other and make some memories.
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