There are several types of clutter. We are all familiar with the physical clutter we can see in our homes and offices. There is also invisible clutter. It comes in several forms – emotional clutter and life clutter. Emotional clutter can be negative feelings we have about ourself or it can be a sadness that we simply cannot identify. Life clutter can present itself as financial problems, relationship issues or a health crisis. All types of clutter take over our life, our spirit and our relationships. Let THIS year be the year to tackle ALL of your clutter!

Ask yourself these questions and be honest with your answers:

1) What is causing me to have clutter – physical, emotional or life clutter?  

2) Why can’t I manage my time better?

3) What is keeping me from getting things in order?


Here are some things to do this year to help you tackle the answers to these three questions.


1 – Make your home your sanctuary

If the task seems so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start – begin with the area that is causing you the most stress. Start small,  5-10 minutes a day can make a big difference over time. Declutter each area or room one at a time. Finish one area before you begin the next. If you do not absolutely love or absolutely need the item in your home- it is clutter and has to go!


2 – Learn to manage your time better.

Read a book or take a class on time management. Ask organized people around you their secrets. Those who are able to plan ahead and make good efficient use of their time are happier and less stressed. Great time management habits make an enormous impact.


3 – Declutter your relationships.

Nuture the strong, positive and loving relationships in your life and let go of those that drain your energy, make you upset or are unhealthy.


4 – Set life goals.

It is important to have a life plan. What are your personal goals? Did you always want to do something but were afraid to try? What are your professional goals? Start to think about the things that make you happy. Write down your goals and dreams. Studies show you are 80% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down.


5 – Get healthy.

Eat better, keep your body moving, get enough sleep and rest and take time to relax and de-stress. When you are not healthy, it is hard to get your life in order.


6 – Don’t let your fears keep you from your dreams

Is fear keeping you from doing something you always wanted to do? Break through the fear. Seek help if you need to.


7 – Adjust your attitude.

Live your life with integrity. Keep a positive attitude, regardless of the situation. Be kind to others.


8 – Get your financial life in order.

Live within your financial means.  Spend less than you make. Reduce debt and save for your future. Financial issues cause a significant amount of stress. Take steps to reduce your stress in this area by making small measureable changes. For example-make your coffee in the morning instead of going through the drive through every day.

Clutter is something that needs to go – regardless of the form it presents itself in your life. You deserve to. You can do it!

Here is to a wonderful, decluttered new year!