Check out our organzing tips!

Additional Storage
For small spaces, a stylish bar cart in a hallway can provide additional storage if your cabinet's are running out of room.

Remind Yourself
When decluttering and organizing your home remember " it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop."

Organize Your Cosmetics
Try using shallow trays that are designed for office supplies to instead organize your cosmetics.

Helpful Hint
Don't overlook the tops of your storage furniture. They're a great place to store and display large items.

Repurpose Old Furniture
Have an old bookshelf laying around? Turn it on it's side for an instant cozy window seat! Just add a cushion for the finishing touch and you've got a brand new piece of furniture without having to spend the money for it.

Organize Your Shoes Efficiently
Put a low shoe shelf in your entry way or garage to help store outdoor shoes. This will not only keep them organized but it will help stop the dreaded shoe pile from appearing!

Mason Jars Are Great Storing Opportunities
An easy, cheap fix to storing small items like paper clips, buttons, or nails is to use lidded jars you have around the house.

Wall Hooks Are Better
Provide more space for damp towels in a shared bath by employing wall hooks instead of the standard towel bar

Organize Your Accessories
Keep all your handbags, scarves, or neckties organized by using S-hooks or curtain rings hanging from your curtain rod or a hanger.

Reuse Jewelry Gift Boxes
Instead of throwing away the sturdy jewelry gift boxes you receive, try using them to divide drawers in a dresser or nightstand.