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Fear Small Items No More
Small items such as hair ties, clips, and other tiny accessories tend to get left around on dresser tops. Keep them organized by storing them in clear top spice containers!

Clean Out Your Clothes
A great way to organize any dresser or closet is to clean out items that you don't want or need anymore. Take these items and instead of throwing them out donate them to a local shelter or clothes drop off!

Use Your Wine Rack For Something Other Than Wine
If you happen to have an extra wine rack try using it for storing rolled hand towels and washcloths in your bathroom!

Next Time You Go To Store Something Think About This
When you are thinking about where to store an something around your house, ask yourself "where am I likely to look for it?" instead of "where should I put it?"

Organize Your E-Mail
Take the time to set up e-mail filters to help eliminate any spam e-mails. Not only will it help you save time by making sure that you only receive the e-mails that you want but it will also decrease the potential of getting a virus!

It Only Takes Ten Minutes
It will only take ten minutes out of your day to complete simple tasks such as clearing out your voice mails, return an important call, toss out spoiled food from the fridge, sort the mail, or check your calendar for what the upcoming week holds!

Try A Labeling System
Label everything! By creating a labeling system your making it easier to find specific items when you need them and it will save you time in the long run.

Kitchen Organization
One way to keep your kitchen organized is to group related items such as mixing bowels and baking supplies together.

Helpful Hint
A key to an organized room is storage.

Color Coding Closets
A quick and easy way to visually organize your clothes in your closet is to place them according to their color, type of clothing, and length!

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