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Good Housekeeping reports that the average family throws away an average of $600 in spoiled food each year. Be sure to plan ahead when you are grocery shopping and use up food in recipes before it expires. What could you do with an extra $600???

Is It Worth Keeping?
If you are having trouble deciding if an item is worth keeping ask yourself, "Would I buy it today?"

Bedside Help
Keep your bedside organized by choosing a nightstand with drawers or open shelves, or use a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit instead.

Purge Away!
Purging is a necessary part of organizing. Repurpose or give away items you don't use, recycle what you can, and discard the rest.

A Cluttered Home Is An Unhappy Home
A cluttered home is not only visually unappealing but it can also negatively affect your family's mood. If everything is neat and tidy not only will you be please with the state of your home but your family will be happier too.

Bobby Pin Help
Try affixing a small fabric-wrapped magnet to the inside of a drawer to help keep stray bobby pins together.

Take Inventory
Before any shopping trip, you should take an inventory of what you already own so you can avoid having duplicates of the same item.

Hangers Aren't Just For Clothes
A great way to keep all of your jewelry easily accessible is to organize it on a multitiered pants hanger.

Repurposing Cards
Do you have a hard time letting go of greeting cards? You can save money by making beautiful gift tags for presents by cutting out the front of those cards and hole punching a spot for ribbon. Coordinate the tags for those who like flowers, golfing, snowmen, etc.

Versatile Systems
The best way to keep your garage organized is to use a versatile system of hooks, racks, and shelves.

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