Check out our organzing tips!

Mason Jars Are Great Storing Opportunities
An easy, cheap fix to storing small items like paper clips, buttons, or nails is to use lidded jars you have around the house.

Wall Hooks Are Better
Provide more space for damp towels in a shared bath by employing wall hooks instead of the standard towel bar

Organize Your Accessories
Keep all your handbags, scarves, or neckties organized by using S-hooks or curtain rings hanging from your curtain rod or a hanger.

Reuse Jewelry Gift Boxes
Instead of throwing away the sturdy jewelry gift boxes you receive, try using them to divide drawers in a dresser or nightstand.

Cleaver Current Reading Storing
A clever way to keep your current reading material nearby is to suspend trouser hangers from decorative hooks to hold your magazines, newspapers, and books!

Increase Kitchen Storage Space
Increase space in your kitchen and dining room cabinets by placing every other of your drink ware upside down. This way you'll be able to fit more on each shelf!

Garage Sales Have Hidden Storage Treasures
If you need extra storage in your home, hit some garage sales. Old suitcases, hatboxes and baskets can offer storage options for you in your home. Two or three suitcases stacked up make a great end table and provide hidden storage. What is your most creative storage solution?

Lidded Ottoman's
Instead of a traditional coffee table in your living room try using a large lidded ottoman. It's multifunctional and can be used as a coffee table and a storage unit for blankets, pillows, board games and even a foot rest!

Create Compartments
The best way to keep your closet or any room organized is to create compartments for each category and type of item.

Decorative Trays
A decorative tray is a great organizing accent and is perfect for storing gadgets on tables in your living room.