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Footwear Update
Take some time in the next few days to go through your children's summer footwear. Hand down or donate shoes that are still in good shape but can no longer be worn. Throw out shoes that have seen better days. While there is still a big selection, buy new sandals and flip flops for the upcoming season.

Tax Day
If you are a procrastinator, today is your last date to file your taxes! Set a goal now to get more organized. Set up an envelope or file today to put all your important receipts and tax information into for your 2014 taxes next year.

Young Picassos
Do you have artwork all over your refrigerator? Keep the clutter down by showcasing an "artist of the week" at your house. Display their artwork and then switch it up next week. Any artwork that must be saved, can be rolled into a paper towel, aluminum foil or wrapping paper tube for safe keeping. Be sure to put the artist's name on the outside of the tube. When that child asks for their artwork, you will be able to put your hands on it quickly. Consider saving these tubes and giving them to the artist on a memorable date in the future!

Frequent Baker?
Our friend, Nancy, gave us the following tip. If you bake from scratch regularly, get a box or basket that will hold your salt, pepper, baking soda, baking powder, cooking spray and/or other ingredients you always need. Instead of spending time looking for each individual item, your most frequently used ingredients are available to you with just a reach.

Reward Yourself!
If you have a task you have been putting off for a while, consider giving yourself a reward to complete the task. Maybe a special treat like a trip to the movies or a small purchase will encourage you to get going and finish the job.

Gaming/Media Purge
Schedule a time to sort through the electronic games, CDs and movies in your house. If the items are no longer used or wanted, consider selling or donating them.

Quotable Quote for Women
Too much planning will result in much frustration. Too little planning will result in a failed project. A competent woman learns the balance.

Freezer Updating
If you have freezer items you don't remember freezing, you don't recognize the item or can't see it through all the frost, take a few minutes and toss those items today. From today on, mark each item you freeze with date you froze it. Remember, when in doubt, throw it out!

Duo Purpose Mason Jars
If you are a baker, you may have multiple types and colors of cupcake liners. A pretty way to display them is in a mason jar. It will bring color to your kitchen and keep the liners clean and uncrushed.

Random Act of Kindness
Consider doing a random act of kindness today. Hold a door for someone, offer to carry a bag, give a stranger a lottery ticket, pay for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop. Little acts done by multiple people will make your community a better place to be!

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